Materials vary from solid wood to plastic and fiberglass, and the shapes are as different as human imagination allows.

Entertainment centers are usually big and require quite a bit of space. In return they offer a lot of additional storage and display space. These are great for spacious open layout homes as they help create a focal point in the main room and occupy all of that empty wall space.

This is the beauty of the wall entertainment centers, as you don’t have to think about a gallery wall to disguise your TV. Some of them come with sliding panels for hiding the thing when it’s not in use.

Multi-functional TV stands are great. But not many of them are as flexible as this 360 by Ronda Design. Comprised of two parts the stand consists of a movable table that allows you to watch TV from any part of the room.

With our fast-paced lifestyles multitasking is a necessity, so having a flexible entertainment center is a great idea. Creating a gallery for a TV isn’t an easy task. Antologia Bookshelf by Studio 14 for Mogg eliminates the need for one, creating an interesting pattern around the TV and providing space for external devices.

This is a perfect space-saving media center that will both take little space in an apartment and make for attractive wall decor.

Jovo Bozhinovski has designed an apartment with a futuristic modern TV stand, building it into the corner of the room. Featuring a sleek black wedge shape the stand fits perfectly into the backlit wall niches.

The contrast between the black TV and white walls also makes for a stylish look while the blue-ish light further promotes the futuristic aesthetic.

VIG Furniture TV Stands
VIG Furniture offers a lot of modern TV stand designs. Luxurious and minimal consoles and cabinets are perfect for smaller living rooms as well as spacious houses.

Armani Black Crocodile Pattern TV stand is a gorgeous cabinet with a laser cut croc pattern and black glossy lacquer. It’s perfect for creating a luxe feel in the living room and can easily be used as a TV stand or just a media console or a cabinet. We can totally see it as a small home bar.

To add a bit of the futuristic feel to your living room opt for curvy glossy shapes that look like parts of a sci-fi spaceship. This stand also includes LED lighting built into the single glass shelf that ca house external devices and a minimal movie collection.

Barbara will add a few unusual angles to the interior. It has a generous pull out drawer for storage and can also be used as a console for displaying objects. Glamorous and attractive the unusual cabinet is a welcome change to the familiar rectangular TV stands.

Studiovision Architecture have created an interesting modern TV stand in one of their residential projects. The minimal freestanding wall not only holds a TV but also divides the kitchen and the dining area from the living room.

Since it has no shelves or any other additional details it creates no obstructions in the way between the living room and the adjacent areas.

Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects have designed this house in Bavaria, Germany. In the open living area the architects also created a room divider equipped with an open fireplace and featuring a built-in TV.

Playing into the art gallery style of the house, the TV fits perfectly into the interior design echoing artworks in the background.

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