Black, white, grey and more, these 36 marbled countertops will ignite your kitchen revamp and take it to an entirely new level.

This classic kitchen is filled to the brim with both function and style. It’s topped off by marble countertops that blend well with the cottage-esque cabinets and wooden, brick backsplash. The natural light from the windows plays nicely with it as well!

Stone Source featured this beautiful work of art and we did too! Look at this marble-topped and sided kitchen island! It’s such a stunning way to provide function and a focal point.

HGTV showcased this beauty and we had to snatch it up too. We’re loving the contrast with the dark, wooden cabinets and also loving the marble sink that accompanies the countertops.

Over at Designing Idea, you’ll find this glamorous kitchen topped off with all the most luxurious neutrals. The light fixtures, the taupe tones and those marble countertops and sliced backsplash really set the scene.

We’re loving the romance of this space. And thanks to Life in Grace we’re learning how to set that same whimsical tone in our kitchen. Again, we see how the marble adds a lustrous, feminine topping to the entire scene.

There’s so much to love about this space as well. There’s a modern, Asian and retro infusion happening and again we see that the uniqueness, brought to us by HGTV, is set off with marble tops and siding.

Even smaller, more eclectic spaces can do well with a marble addition. Just stake a peek at this space we found at Life in Grace, it’s filled with mismatched styles but sitting pretty with a marble-topped island center.

HGTV showcased some black marble countertops that could put a nice spin on your kitchen as well. If you have a larger space and want to stick with dark colors, use this as the right kind of inspiration.

Here’s a more grandiose way to utilize some black marble. Between the countertops and even the sides of the island, it’s quite the modern and glamorous way to ignite your kitchen redesign.

We’re loving the farmhouse sink in this island layout. The marble matches up well with its placement and the navy blue cabinetry. It’s not chic and traditional.

Here’s another bit of inspiration involving a dash of industrial and traditional styles. Nothing is sincerely feminine or masculine, making it a functional family space.

And here we have another bit of black marble inspiration. The backsplash matches and the island’s countertops finish out the sides making for an architectural and modern focus.

Founterior featured this beauty and we instantly fell in love. We love that the island can serve as both a prep area and an entertainment space, with the marble top providing interest to the monochromatic scheme.

Thin tops finish off this family space as well. There’s a bit of a vintage, country vibe attached to the overall look, but it’s the pristine, white marble that really helps polish it all off.

If you want a brown foundation, then look for a marble that has that rich swirl inside its design. Just look at this black, white and chocolate creation! It’s perfect for those that are inspired by deeper tones.

Founterior showed us this beauty too. Not only do we love this particular kitchen island, but it’s the countertop that play so nicely with both the white cabinets and gray storage areas.

We saw a marble sink previously, but here’s some inspiration if you decide to go with black. Look at chic this space is and so much cleaner than adding a stainless steel piece!

We’re swooning for this crisp, contemporary space. It may not be large and spacious but the monochromatic look and ongoing marble accents give a feeling of consistency and airiness.

Even more traditional, family-oriented spaces can be topped off in marble. Jus took at this kitchen as your inspiration. If you have older accents and aged styles, take it up a notch with the implementation of marble countertops!

entrap has the inspiration you need if you’re drawn to more minimalistic and contemporary designs. It’s a bit Asian-sinpired in its overall vision, but this is just another way we can envision marble being utilized in the kitchen.

Here’s another marbled look that you may fancy in more traditional spaces. It’s not the look that we automatically place with a marble vision but it can be quite beautiful in more spirited spaces.

Over at Tuvalu Home this House Beautiful design stood out instantly. It could be the scalloped backsplash, the beautiful sage tones and the posh hardware, but it’s also the crispness and simplicity of those gorgeous marble countertops.

If you’re still looking for a darker countertop and want to stick with a marbled look, then here’s more inspiration for you to envision throughout your own space. Swirls of caramel tones, black and white too, it can be quite the artistic choice.

These are actually granite countertops that look like marble, so we decided to feature them anyway! Granite is a great choice when it comes to countertops, especially when it’s got a marble design throughout.

If you’re into Victorian styles, check out this kitchen design! The cabinetry is on point with the vision, but you’ll also see how marble can take it up a notch and really transform the final touches.

Our most masculine kitchen that made the list, it’s both traditional and rich in theme. The dark, wooden cabinets are contrasted nicely with the smooth marble countertops, don’t you think?

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